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New agri-tyres from Vredestein

Vredestein has introduced two new tyres for cost-conscious agricultural businesses, the Vredestein Endurion and Vredestein Traxion Versa.

Vredestein-ENDURION-3-4-GCR-copyCost-conscious professionals have high demands on tyres for agro-industrial machinery. With its successful Traxion and Flotation agricultural tyres, Vredestein has built an excellent reputation for low costs per operational hour and maximum return on investment.

These positive experiences were the starting point for the development of the two latest technological masterpieces for telescopic handlers, compact wheel loaders and backhoe loaders: the Vredestein Endurion and Vredestein Traxion Versa.

The Vredestein Endurion has a tread rubber percentage of 44 per cent, the highest in its category. Combined with the advanced rubber compound, this ensures a remarkably long lifespan, which is further enhanced by the cleat height. Wear resistance is not the only aspect that contributes to an impressive number of operating hours, however. The robust, radial carcass is also a major contributor. The high-quality reinforcing materials and sidewall protector provide resistance against shocks and impacts.

The high rubber percentage in the tread of the Vredestein Endurion minimises annoying vibrations as well as the noise levels at maximum travelling speed. The difference in driving comfort is immediately apparent. The cleats are at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to the carcass line, resulting in a well-balanced suspension when driving on both harder and softer surfaces. The intelligent carcass construction is robust enough to resist heavy loads as well as sufficiently flexible to absorb shocks and vibrations. The large rubber percentage in the tread also ensures a reduced rolling resistance. With all these excellent characteristics, the Vredestein Endurion offers users the best possible ROI.

Vredestein’s Traxion tyres are known for their longer lifespan compared to tyres from other brands, the result of the high percentage of wear-resistant rubber in the centre of the tread, the so-called comfort zone. The typical shape of the cleats is also a major contributor. The curved Traxion cleat extends the tread, resulting in a low and evenly distributed surface pressure which minimises wear. The fatigue resistance of the carcass further determines the lifespan of the tyre, as agro-industrial tyres are commonly used in extreme conditions. A carcass that can resist impacts and shock damage is also crucial, as is the ability to cope with constantly changing loads. The design of the Vredestein Traxion Versa meets all these requirements and more thanks to its flexible radial carcass, combined with a reinforced sidewall.

The Vredestein Traxion Versa has transverse tread cleats placed across the traction zone at a significant distance from each other. This ensures excellent self-cleaning properties in all types of difficult soil conditions. Various independent tests have found the traction of the Vredestein Traxion tyres to be unsurpassed. Extra tread cleat surfaces have been arranged in a circumferential direction in the comfort zone in the middle of the tread. This lowers noise levels and attenuates shocks, increasing driving comfort.

The heavy weights with which professionals work today require high load capacities – but the most important characteristic remains stability. High and far-reaching booms or buckets have a considerable leverage effect on the tyres, which must guarantee safe operation in all conditions, including during transportation or on sloping terrains. Thanks to the Stabiliser Ring fitted in the bottom of the tread of both new tyre models, the Vredestein Endurion and Traxion Versa ensure the exceptional lateral stability required.