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Modified BMW M3 from AC Schnitzer sprints on Continental SportContact 7

High-performance tyres from Continental are currently being fitted to some of the most powerful BMW M3 models in the world.

AC Schnitzer, a vehicle tuner based in Aachen, Germany, gives the M3 a power upgrade to a total of 610 hp (449 kW), enabling the car to achieve speeds of around 300 km/h.

With the RS chassis suspension developed in-house for the front axle, high cornering speeds are possible – with good-natured load change reactions and gentle understeer.

As a result, AC Schnitzer is relying on the new SportContact 7 from Continental. The tuner is equipping the modified M3s with size 285/30 R 20 at the front and 295/30 R 20 on the drive axle, each on its own lightweight forged rims.

“It’s hard to imagine tuning without sports tyres from Continental,” said Michael Schneider, head of tuning at Continental. “They deliver perfect grip and precise vehicle control right up to the limits, can easily handle speeds even above 300 km/h, and are matched to the vehicles and their characteristics in collaboration with the tuners.”