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KC53 tyres designed for large commercial vans

kc53-copyKumho’s recently introduced KC53 tyre is primarily designed for the latest generation of large commercial vans and is gradually superseding the long-serving 857 in popular 15” and 16” sizes.

The heavy-duty KC53 boasts a wide tread and stable block pattern ensuring outstanding dry handling, even in maximum load conditions. Broad cross-grooves provide precise steering in both dry and wet conditions, while wide straight circumferential grooves minimise the risk of aquaplaning. A robust carcass results in improved traction and higher mileage, while low rolling resistance ensures optimum fuel efficiency.

KC53 is currently available in 60, 65, 70 and 75 profile, H, T and R rated sizes ranging from 195/70R15 to 215/60R16.

The Radial 857 has long-since served as Kumho’s core tyre range for commercial vans, and earned itself wide acceptance for durability, traction and high mileage performance.

It remains available in a range of 20 sizes, including R, T and H rated low profile fitments for a wide variety of van types. The Radial 857’s deep zig-zag grooves offer impressive mileage and traction, while its straight centre groove and optimised sipe sequence for all four ribs provide impressive levels of ride and noise.