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Goodyear showcases Ultra-High Performance tyre at Geneva

Goodyear is showcasing its latest summer tyre at the Geneva Motor Show this week – the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3.

Goodyear EF1A3_1The Ultra-High Performance tyre delivers a 31 per cent  better wear performance and shorter braking distance on dry and wet roads helping drivers to stay in control to be ready to enjoy the journey.

With proven Eagle family test wins and an OE track record, including the new Jaguar XF, it is Goodyear’s premium offering for outstanding braking performance, responsive handling and control in both dry and wet conditions.

The Ultra High-Performance segment is clearly a growth market, expected to increase with more than nine million units and with an expected compound annual growth rate of more than 3 per cent  from 2015 to 2020³ This is primarily driven by the expansion of the car park in the medium, executive, large and luxury vehicle segments that are increasingly fitted with UHP rated tires.