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Firestone launches first Run-Flat Technology tyre

Firestone has launched the Firehawk SZ90µ RFT for the replacement market, the brand’s first tyre with Run-Flat Technology in Europe. The tyre’s reinforced sidewall rubber construction enables the driver to continue driving safely if the tyre deflates or suffers a total loss of pressure.

The Firehawk SZ90µ RFT* will appeal to value-oriented drivers whose cars were originally fitted with Run-Flat Technology tyre when new and now require 2nd or 3rd replacement tyres. The SZ90µ RFT* therefore aims to attract new Firestone users in this segment and complement the brand’s existing line-up of Firehawk SZ90µ, TZ300α touring tyre and all-round performer Multihawk.

“The new Firehawk SZ90µ RFT will enable the company to increase its market share in a maturing RFT* segment” says Tomio Fukuzumi, Director Consumer Products, Bridgestone Europe.

Run-Flat Technology has been added to the existing Firehawk SZ90µ tyre which has built up a solid reputation for well-balanced wet and dry performance. With the addition of its reinforced sidewall construction, the new Firehawk SZ90µ RFT now adds extra safety and convenience to the list of benefits – for an excellent quality/price ratio.

Available across Europe in 6 sizes for 16- to 18-inch, 40 to 55 series, from now.