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Patch Tyre Equipment introduces Thermopress XL vulcanising machine

Patch Tyre Equipment has added the Rema Tip Top Thermopress XL vulcanising machine to its product portolio.

The Thermopress Xl vulcanising machine enables the tyre trade to handle ever-broader and bigger agricultural tyres up to 1500 mm nominal width.

A considerable advantage of Thermopress XL is the shorter heating time, which allows repair times to be enormously reduced.

The Thermopress XL facilitates repairs to the tyre tread, shoulder and sidewall of OTR, Earthmover, truck and agri-tyres.

Patch Tyre Equipment has just launched the Aramid range of repair patches, from Rema Tip Top, which are ideal for repairing agri-tyres.

Rema Tip Top’s Aramid repair patches are lightweight, provide optimal flexibility and are specifically designed for the repair of agri-tyres used in the most demanding driving applications.

These patches feature a precise contour, making them ideal for use on low-profile agri-tyres. The patches do not elongate, thus reducing repair bulge.