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Linglong TBR tyres gain SmartWay verification

Shandong Linglong Tyre Company, one of China’s leading tyre producers, has recently confirmed that 18 of its Linglong and Leao brand truck tyres have gained EPA SmartWay verification in the United States for low rolling resistance. The verified tyres include steer, drive and trailer axle applications.

Working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency, Smartway is designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Although this is a qualification developed in the United States, SmartWay is increasingly used as a technical qualification and selling tool across the globe as operators increasingly focus on the fuel efficiency of new truck tyres.

The number of Linglong approvals is a testament to the tyre maker’s product quality and growing strength in the TBR segment. Shandong Linglong’s 2011 revenue positions it as the fourth largest tyre manufacturer in China. The company currently has more than 6,000 employees (including 700 working in research and development) and production capacity of 35 million passenger, light truck/SUV, truck and speciality tyres per year.