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General Tire Grabber AT3 now available in van size

General Tire is expanding its range of tyres suitable for use in vans, campers and light commercial vehicles with the new 235 / 65R16C 121 / 119R size of the AT3 Grabber.

The Continental-owned brand has dubbed the AT3 Grabber as “the first true off-road tyre available for vans”.

The firm says the tyre is ideal for off-road and on-road work vehicles, and that the new size has been approved for speeds up to 170 km/h and the load capacity is 1,450kg for single mounting and 1,360kg for dual mounting.

The popular Grabber AT3 benefits from being classified under the 3PMSF mark, which makes it suitable for winter conditions as well.

It features sturdy blocks that snap into the ground and allow the vehicle to advance, steer precisely and ensure short braking distances.

Aggressive shoulder blocks, which reach the sidewall of the tyre, prevent damage to the sidewall. For off-road use, the deep tread grooves provide additional grip when the vehicle travels on muddy roads or slippery meadows.

The AT3 Grabber includes TracGen and DuraGen technology. TracGen ensures “exceptional” traction on uneven surfaces, while DuraGen is a compound technology, which is extremely robust.

The high-strength steel belt structure also offers reliable stability, under all permissible load conditions.