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Yokohama OE on new Honda ZR-V

Yokohama has begun supplying its Advan dB V552 tyres as original equipment to Honda Motor Company for use on its new SUV, the ZR-V, which goes on sale in Europe next year.

Honda’s all-new model will sit alongside the HR-V, CR-V and e:Ny1, and will be fitted with 215/60R17 96H and 225/55R18 98H size tyres.

Launched in 2021, Yokohama describes the Advan dB V552 as a silent tyre for EVs and PHEVs.

Its enhanced silence is the result of a meticulous design that included a review of all design elements – including pattern design, profile shape, internal structure, type and size of parts as well as surface contact configuration – from a zero-basis unbiased.

In addition, the tyre’s wet grip performance and fuel efficiency have been enhanced by the application of a compound that raises the dispersibility of silica.