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Yokohama develops tyre wear tech using sensing waveforms

Yokohama has claimed it has developed a technology that can detect the wear condition of a passenger car tyre by analysing sensing waveforms transmitted by a proprietary signal processing technology from a sensor attached to the tyre’s inner surface.

This technology, which is being jointly developed with Japanese firm Alps Alpine, uses these sensors to capture sensing waveforms of a rotating tyre’s changing shape and then applies a proprietary analysis method to distinguish between new and worn-out tyres.

According to Yokohama, this technology enables timely notification to the car owner or a vehicle fleet manager of the need to rotate or replace worn tyres, enabling more optimal tyre maintenance that will promote safety while extending tyres’ useful lifespan and reducing their economic and environmental impact.

As mobility services shift to self-driving vehicles, the opportunities for drivers and fleet managers to visually check tyre wear will become less frequent. The ability to remotely inspect a tyre’s condition via the cloud will contribute to safer and more sustainable mobility services, Yokohama said.