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Yokohama adding E+ mark on truck and bus tyres

Yokohama Rubber has begun applying its proprietary ‘E+’ mark on the sidewall of its truck and bus tyres.

The E+ mark, which indicates the tyre has special qualities suitable for electrified vehicles, was first applied to Yokohama passenger car tyres at the end of last year.

The first truck or bus tyres to bear the E+ mark will be the 120U tyre sold for use on buses in Europe and the 507U for buses in Japan.

According to Yokohama Rubber, tyres with its E+ mark indicate they have the strength to withstand the higher loads associated with heavy electric batteries as well as the electric motor’s high torque output.

These tyres also have a quietness quality that complements the lack of noise from an EV, as well as contributing to the vehicle’s efficient use of electricity and other energy sources to help expand the vehicle’s driving range.

In addition to being displayed on the sidewall of Yokohama tyres suitable for EVs, the E+ mark will be prominently displayed in tyre catalogues and websites to facilitate customers’ tyre selection.

The first Yokohama tyre to bear the E+ mark was the new Advan Sport EV, an ultra-high performance summer tyre for EVs that Yokohama Rubber introduced in Europe and other markets last year.

The next passenger car tyre to bear the mark will be the new Advan dB V553 premium comfort tyre , introduced this month.