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Yokohama acquires Trelleborg Wheel Systems in €2.1bn deal

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., has confirmed that it has entered into a share purchase agreement with Trelleborg AB to acquire all outstanding shares of Trelleborg Wheel Systems Holding AB (TWS).

TWS’s enterprise value is €2,040 million (about ¥265.2bn), according to Yokohama. But the acquisition agreement also includes a performance-linked earn-out, which could increase the acquisition price by up to €60 million depending on the TWS’s 2022 financial results.

This would bring the total sale for Trelleborg to €2.1 billion. The acquisition is scheduled to be completed in the latter half of 2022.

Yokohama says the acquisition of Trelleborg Wheel Systems will enable it to become a global leader in the off-highway tyre segment, covering different market needs in the agricultural, construction, material handling, mining and two wheels segments with the addition of Trelleborg, Mitas, Maximo, Cultor and Interfit brands to its portfolio.

Paolo Pompei, president of Trelleborg Wheel Systems, said: “Personally, I am extremely grateful to Trelleborg, which has over more than 100 years created one of the most successful off-highway businesses in the world, and which continuously invested in our growth and technological leadership.

“At the same time, I am really excited to join a leading rubber company that will keep investing in our future and support our successful onward journey. I am confident that we will continue to flourish with The Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd. as a strong owner.”