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World’s first portable DMA tyre testing unit

German firm BWR Motorsports says it has developed the world’s first portable Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) tyre testing unit, called Motite.

It says the unit provides the ideal solution for race teams across series such as Formula One and WEC to measure tyre grip levels and rank the tyres on track.

The software allows an immediate grip level output and enables measurement and analysis to be carried out directly on the tyre. The company adds that its small size and light weight, means it is easy to handle and transport – essential for the demands of a global race series.

Erich Baumgärtner from BWR Motorsports said: “With tyres playing such an essential role in motorsport, efficient and quick analysis is very important as production and storage cause substantial tolerances within a batch of tyres.

“However, previous technology available was difficult to use on the racetrack as it requires stationary conditions and a material sample, which needs to be cut out of the tyre.

“The portability and ease of use of the Motite technology enables racing teams to measure all sets of tyres after allocation in under an hour, allowing them to easily rank the tyres available.”

Motite covers sinusoidal strain applied on the tread and computation of shear modulus and loss coefficient. It also measures tread temperature, wheel weight and tyre diameter to give teams a full analysis of the tyre.

The unit features a rotary motor measure head torque sensor, linear drive to apply preload and load cells to measure wheel weight. It also has a touch screen display to increase ease of use.

BWR Motorsports says the first delivery to a Formula One team took place in 2021.