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Workshop equipment suppliers warned of cross-border scam

Workshop equipment suppliers have been warned to be aware of a sophisticated cross-border scam involving forged Letterheads and bogus Debit Cards.

Scam artists believed to be operating from Northern Ireland contacted a reputable workshop equipment supplier this week and tried to place an order for two tyre changers to be delivered to an address outside Newry in Co. Down.

The workshop equipment supplier asked for a copy of the Company’s Letterhead, and suspicions were raised when the scam artists supplied a Letterhead for a Northern Ireland based construction company.

When questioned why two tyre changers were required, the scammers said the company was working on two separate sites and needed a tyre changer for each site.

Further suspicions were raised when the workshop equipment supplier asked to be paid by Debit Card. The scammers offered Credit Card details, which the workshop equipment supplier refused to accept.

The workshop equipment supplier said that they could not accept Credit Card details, and asked for payment for the two tyre changers to be made directly to their bank account. This option was declined by the scammers.

“We have been in contact with the construction company in Northern Ireland and they have told us, that they are aware of scammers trying to use their Company Letterhead and VAT number to purchase all sorts of machinery, and have been in contact with the PSNI,” a spokesman for the workshop supplier said.