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Why winter tyres?

There is a huge lack of awareness about winter tyres. Research conducted by Continental has identified that nearly half (47 per cent) of motorists in the UK and Ireland are unaware that winter tyres exist. Either motorists are not aware they exist or they think that the tyre can only be used during times of heavy snow or ice.

In fact, winter tyres can be used on slush, ice, frost and even wet roads. In fact any time the temperature dips below +7 degrees centigrade you are better off on winter tyres.

2009 and 2010 were very harsh winters. 2011 is predicted to be even worse. The winter tyre market is relatively small in the UK and Ireland but is expected to be around half million tyres this year as consumers are starting to see the benefits of switching to winter tyres.

This is because unlike summer tyres (everyday tyres in the Ireland), winter tyres do not harden at lower temperatures. That means they give you a much better grip on the road and the ability to stop in a shorter distance, increasing your safety on the road.

Check out the full article in the Tyre Trade Journal out this week.