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Waste tyres dumped along M1 motorway

The issue of the illegal dumping of waste tyres has hit the headlines again following an incident just off the M1 motorway north of Dundalk in Co. Louth.

The Dundalk Democrat has reported that hundreds of waste tyres were dumped just off the motorway and subsequently set alight in the early hours of Monday July 30.

Following the incident, Sinn Féin Councillor Antóin Watters hit out at what he described as ‘dirty dumpers’.

Cllr Watters said: “I got a call to say there was a pile of tyres dumped along the side of the motorway. I went to see for myself and to be honest was expecting maybe half a dozen or so and was hoping they would be easily spotted because of the rain. I had no trouble finding them. There was a massive load of hundreds of tyres blatantly dumped on the side of the motorway road.”

Cllr Watters who has been faced with this issue in his area on multiple occasions since the new year added: “To say I was incensed is an understatement. I was speechless. It is like Groundhog Day but this time they didn’t even bother to hide up a mountain road, they pulled up along a busy motorway and they had to have had a truck of some kind.”

Hundreds of the tyres had been set alight, and thanks to the fire crews that were called in the early hours the morning, the blaze didn’t spread.

Cllr Watters has a motion before the Council calling for Cross Border co-operation with Newry, Mourne and Down Council on this very issue. “These people are using the border to their advantage and that needs to be addressed. We need a cross border joined up solution to this cross border problem.”