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Vredestein unveils Ultrac Vorti R

Apollo Vredestein has unveiled its latest  Ultra High Performance tyre, the Ultrac Vorti R.

ULTRAC VORTI R_FRONT_GCRBased on the Ultrac Vorti, the Ultrac Vorti R has an increased focus on grip and sportiness, all within a distinctive size range. The new tyre was developed in close cooperation with the Italian design house Giugiaro. Its tread is sleek asymmetrical, with carbon accents on the sidewall and the tread creating a unique design. The Ultrac Vorti R is equipped with the (Y) speed code, making it well suited for speeds above 186 mph. The Ultrac Vorti R is the ideal choice for real sports cars that require the ultimate performance from their tyres, such as the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Gallardo or Audi R8.

The Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R is the result of an intensive cooperation between Vredestein and renowned partners in the auto industry. The tread of the Ultrac Vorti R, for instance, was developed together with the Italian design house Giugiaro, which has been closely involved in the development of Vredestein tyres for the past 16 years. The name of the Ultrac Vorti R itself is a Giugiaro creation and is derived from the word vortex, referring to the powerful air flow created by the blades of a helicopter as it takes off. Contacts with premium car stylers such as Carlsson, and the new partnership with Hamann, also played a very valuable part in the development of the Ultrac Vorti R.