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Vredestein launches Traxion Versa Green tyre for alpine slopes

Apollo Tyres has introduced the new Vredestein Traxion Versa Green tyre, which it says has been developed specifically for use on steep alpine slopes.

The tyre maker claims its new Vredestein Traxion tyre “raises the bar” in terms of traction, stability, tyre life, and grassland preservation.

The Traxion Versa Green features the Vredestein Traxion lug design, with “unique” non-parallel curved tread cleats that deliver longer tyre life, excellent driving comfort and maximum traction, as well as high levels of self-cleaning on all soil types, according to Apollo Tyres.

“The addition of a curved tread contour with rounded lug shoulders helps to preserve grass surfaces, and a steel belt with a stabiliser ring ensures outstanding stability on challenging slopes,” a representative for the tyre maker said.

The Vredestein Traxion Versa Green will be offered in size 440/50 R17 IMP 135D, which can also be seen as a successor of size 425/55 R17.