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Vipal Rubber VT110 tread approved in Romania

Tyre retreading specialist Vipal Rubber has had its VT110 tread approved in Romania following tests carried out by East European fleet company Senidav Trans SRL.

Senidav Trans SRL carried out performance tests using retreaded tyres with Vipal Rubber’s VT110 tread, proving a better fit over a competitor brand.

The measurements, conducted with Vipal Rubber’s partner company in Moldova, Tehno Profil, covered 260,000 kms of roads in Romania, which present adverse track conditions, with mountains, slopes, snow, among other problems.

In the end, Tehno Profil director Alex Gulya considered it an excellent result. He said: “We were extremely pleased with the savings generated by Vipal Rubber’s tread, because the performance obtained per kilometer traveled was well above the usual, considering the demand faced by the tyres on the tracks traveled.”

Recently, the same tread was also approved in two other tests in Europe, both carried out in Spain, with fleet companies Unión de Transportistas Montillanos and Antonio Gijón. In both cases, the performance obtained with the design was superior in comparison to new tyres from a competitor brand.

Vipal Rubber’s VT110 line is developed for radial tyres on the drive and its design was conceived to optimise the traction capability. With grooves designed with protrusions at the bottom to keep rocks and other objects from getting embedded in the tread, VT110 gives the casing better protection against damage. The length of its central blocks also offers a wider area of contact with the ground to deliver higher mileage, and its more reinforced shoulders give the blocks better pullout resistance. Also available for the eco version.

“We consider testing important, as this proves the quality of our product and therefore the benefits of retreading for the fleets. This is very important for Vipal Rubber and for the industry as a whole”, said Vipal Rubber’s commercial manager in Europe, Fabrício Nedeff.