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Vipal distributor in Poland opens new web channel

As a way of increasing contact with its target audiences and overcoming social isolation, Arko-Gum has launched a new website for the online sale of Vipal brand’s complete line of repairs, among other products.

Technology has been an ally for companies to overcome the current restrictions on business due to social isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is what Arko-Gum, from the city of Czeladź, Vipal bran’s official distributor in Poland, is doing: using technology to promote new actions. The company is launching a new website ( for online B2B sale of its products, including the full range of materials from Vipal brand’s repair line.

Vipal’s partner for 10 years, nine of which have been exclusive, Arko-Gum intends to provide several features to facilitate the lives of customers when buying online with this channel. The website presents the distributor´s entire product line in detail, including descriptive information, application and photos.

According to Arkadiusz Stepien, owner of Arko-Gum, the “introduction of the B2B sales channel allows our customers to place orders without leaving their homes, and this is a great solution to increase sales, especially during this pandemic when it is so important to maintain social distancing”.

For Vipal, the action reflects the success of this decade-long partnership between the companies. “We recognise this 10-year partnership with Arko-Gum as fundamental. We know that our brand is taken to the four corners of Poland with the seriousness and professionalism that both we and Arko-Gum value”, highlights Michal Baxa, Vipal’s Commercial Representative in Europe. “This is another step in Arko-Gum’s activities for Vipal brand’s growth in the Polish market, and we are very satisfied with that”, he observes, adding: “Certainly, this is a union that we will keep investing in so that it continuously grows”.

Through Arko-Gum, Vipal has been offering the Polish market, since 2010, a complete line of vulcanisation repair products, which contain the materials needed to repair inner tubes and all types of tyres for cars, vans and trucks. These include tyre repairs, adhesives, protectors, vulcanisation cements, patches, repairs, sealants, among others.