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Vipal’s Croatia partner celebrates 50 years of activity

Vipal Rubber is celebrating 50 years of activity of Gumiimpex, its distributor in Croatia since 2010.

Located in the city of Varaždin, Gumiimpex has developed its main business with rubber products, distributing lines from the main world tyre manufacturers in the local market for private vehicles, commercial trucks, buses and large machines.

It also recycles car tyres waste, claiming to be the first company in Croatia to carry out this type of sustainable action, which reduces the harmful impact on the environment by reusing the valuable properties of rubber in areas such as construction, infrastructure, transport, agriculture and others.

Gumiimpex was presented with a plaque by supplier Vipal to recognise 50 years in business

Meeting the demands and needs of the market, Gumiimpex expanded the technical maintenance services of industrial plants, operating together with large companies in Europe.

Vipal’s other European distribution centres include UK, Spain and Slovenia.