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TyrePal unveils new TPMS for HGVs

A new retrofit Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for commercial vehicles that monitors tyre pressures and temperatures has been launched on the market. One third of fuel consumption in a loaded HGV is used to overcome rolling resistance of the tyres and this increases further if tyres are under-inflated.

Just 10 per cent under-inflation of the tyres increases rolling resistance by 10 per cent or more, adding directly to fuel costs, tyre wear and the risk of breakdown. Checking tyre pressures manually is time consuming, and is an aspect of maintenance most likely to be skimped, so active wireless tyre pressure monitoring makes sense for any operator.

A new retrofit system from TyrePal not only monitors tyre pressures but also tyre temperatures. This means the system can warn about an impending blowout or tyre fire as well as giving alerts for low pressure, high pressure or air leakage.

The system uses no-maintenance sensors on each tyre that continuously measure both the pressure and temperature of the tyres. If there’s a problem, they transmit an alert signal to a monitor in the cab, which lights up and shows the wheel location and details of the problem.

The robust sensors screw to the tyre valves in place of standard dust caps and lock in place, so there’s no need to remove tyres to install them. They can operate in extreme conditions and have a have an expected life of five years without maintenance.

The display on the monitor defaults to just an outline of the vehicle, but lights up and displays relevant information in the event of an alert. Actual pressures and temperatures can be displayed by pushing a button.

The system can monitor up to 22 tyres and is suitable for buses, commercial vehicles and trailers.

More details from TyrePal limited