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Tyred Campaign gaining UK Government recognition

The Tyred Campaign, formed just four months ago by Liverpool mother, Frances Molloy following the tragic death of her son, aspiring young musician Michael, 18, in a horrific coach crash caused by the catastrophic failure of a 20 year old second hand tyre is gathering momentum and gaining UK government recognition.

The coach crash also cost the lives of Kerry Ogden (23) and Colin Daulby (53)

Jesse Norman MP

The Tyre Campaign has steadily gained increasing recognition in its bid for a ‘complete ban’ on all tyres older than ten years and last month (October) proved to be a highly significant in terms of progress towards this objective.

First of all, Mersey Travel introduced a contract whereby confirming they will no longer fit tyres over ten years old on any of their vehicle fleets throughout the Liverpool and Merseyside regions and the Campaign also received the backing of Andy Burnham – Metro Mayor of Greater Manchester. Then Frances made a presentation on behalf of Tyred at a Fringe Event during the Labour Party Conference which resulted in the Leader of Harrow Council in London agreeing to put forward a motion supporting the ban.

Also strong Tyred campaign supporter – Liverpool Labour MP – Maria Eagle presented an Early Day Motion plus a ten minute Rule Bill on the 12th October at the Houses of Parliament which led to the proposed new tyre Law Bill being presented fully in Parliament on the 31st October and accepted and a second reading of the Bill will take place on the 1st December..

At the same time on the 23rd of October, Frances was invited along with Maria Eagle MP to meet Mr Jesse Norman – Parliamentary under-secretary of state for roads, local transport and devolution in Westminster and Frances says, “I am very pleased with the way the meeting went and feel it was more positive than any other previous meetings and interactions I’ve had with this Government. Mr Norman clearly adopted a more humane approach towards our Campaign and was definitely more balanced in his debate.

“I also made him aware of the growing support we are continuing to receive from both the UK tyre industry and the general public on a daily basis and confirmed that tyre manufacturers are also supportive thanks to ongoing promotional awareness by the NTDA.”

Mr Norman has agreed to look into Tyred’s arguments for the ban and stated he wasn’t ruling the campaign for legislation (at this moment) but also wasn’t committing to anything which can be seen as a massive step forward towards the possibility of a ban in the future.

Finally as if it had not been enough of a highly active four weeks – Tyred received even more unexpected support from the Music industry with well known singer/songwriter Elvis Costello publically backing the campaign.

Frances concludes, “It has certainly been a very constructive and active month for the campaign and I am encouraged by the constantly growing momentum to remove dangerous tyres over ten years old from our roads.”

Just before sending out this latest press release another hugely significant development occurred when Frances received a personal letter from the Prime Minister – Theresa May following her recent meeting with Jesse Norman which further underlines that the momentum for a bill banning all tyres over ten years old continues to edge even closer to becoming a reality – at last!!