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Tyrecare demonstrates AC Hydraulic’s in-ground commercial vehicle lift

Tyrecare Ltd used this year’s CV Workshop EXPO at the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin to demonstrate the Danish-made UL in-ground commercial vehicle lift by AC Hydraulic.

This in-ground lift is fully automated and easily operated using a wireless remote control. The wireless remote control allows the operator to move freely around the vehicle for quick and easy inspection of the lifting points. It allows the operator to adjust and/or raise each column individually to make sure everything is correctly positioned.

The lift is then operated using the control panel allowing the operator full view of the vehicle whilst lifting. The screen on the panel offers information about the operation of the lift, column positions as well as safety and maintenance updates.

AC Hydraulic claims its in-ground lift is a revolution in the way that users can service vehicles of all types, sizes and shapes. The flexibility of the design allows lifts with three columns or more to be divided in groups and used as independent lifts giving operators total freedom to service a continuous flow of different vehicles.

This enables a team of mechanics to work side by side on different tasks with absolute safety and no restrictions.

The in-ground lift can also be easily adjusted to suit any possible job. This not only ensures that mechanics always operate at the best possible working height but also guarantees that they have full access to all parts of the vehicle.

A complete view of the chassis makes it easier to detect otherwise hidden leakage or damage and will lead to a more thorough inspection and improved quality of the repair work.

In addition to the increase in efficiency, operators might also experience a decrease in sickness absence because of the improved working environment and better ergonomics.

Pictured on the Tyrecare stand at the CV Workshop EXPO was Simon Lauren from AC Hydraulic (left) and Paul Whyte from Tyrecare Ltd.

With the optional automatic positioning it’s possible to have the lift preset to the vehicle that is about to enter the workshop. All an operator needs to do is choose the vehicle on the touch screen, wait for the columns to position themselves, and check the alignment of adapters and lifting points.

This way, workshops save valuable time that is otherwise spent positioning the columns every time a vehicle enters the workshop.

In the system, technicians can also save an endless number of vehicles with whatever information they want, whether it’s the license plate, type of vehicle, make and model, axle distance or internal vehicle number.

In combination with AC Hydraulic’s parking spots (WBU), it says lifting a vehicle with this in-ground lift has never been easier – which is particularly recommended for workshops with defined vehicle fleets.

Tyrecare Ltd has been supplying tyre and garage equipment throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland for 40 years. It is a specialist in compressed air systems and hydraulic lifting equipment.