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Tyre retailers reminded on new obligations

Tyre retailers are being reminded that they now have new obligations at the point of sale following the introduction of new EU tyre label regulations.

The following criteria must be followed at the point of sale:

Any new car or van tyre produced after June 30 on display or visible to customers must either carry the EU official label from the manufacturer or show a copy of the label in immediate proximity to the tyre.

Retilars must provide buyers with label information for all products before sale, even if they are not on display. Labelling information must be displayed on all technical promotional materials, such as manuals, brochures, leaflets and catalogues, including websites.

When offering tyres for sale, over the phone, in person, online etc., tyre shops must provide the customer with the label information.

Fuel efficiency class, wet grip class, and the external rolling noise values must be provided to the end consumer either on or together with the invoice.