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TVR Car Club selects Avon as preferred tyre brand

Avon Tyres has been chosen as the TVR Car Club’s (TVRCC) preferred tyre brand.

As part of the new collaboration, Avon’s long-standing relationship with British sportscar manufacturer TVR will be celebrated through a number of joint initiatives, while TVRCC members are eligible for a discount on Avon tyre purchases.

Avon Tyres has supplied tyres to TVR for more than half a century, after being awarded an original equipment contract back in 1959. The relationship has spanned several models, continuing through to 2002 with the TVR Tamora. It is now set to extend to the forthcoming TVR Griffith, which will use the ultra-high performance Avon ZZ5 tyre.

In the future, Avon and the TVRCC plan to organise a series of memorable events to celebrate this history.

Avon has created an extensive range of high performance car tyres. In addition to the aforementioned ZZ5, the Avon ZV7 is available in sizes that fit several TVR models. It offers an effective combination of performance and safety, and is ‘A’ rated for wet grip – the highest EU label grade. Selected sizes come with a speed rating of ‘Y’, for speeds up to 186mph.

Jaap van Wessum, general manager, Cooper Tire Europe, said: “We are delighted to have a new collaboration with the TVR Car Club. Members’ clubs are a vital part of the automotive landscape and ensure that great manufacturers, such as TVR, are enjoyed by the current generation and passed on to the next. We look forward to equipping more members’ cars with our latest products.”