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TRACS warns of increase in tyre premises inspections

TRACS is warning tyre retailers, suppliers and distributors all around the country, that local authority inspections of tyre premises are underway.

Local authorities have increased the number and extent of their inspections in recent times to ensure that waste tyres are going only to permitted collectors. It is an offence under the 2008 Waste Management Regulations for any business to supply waste tyres to unauthorised collectors.

TRACS audits its own authorised importers, retailers, suppliers, fitters, agents and wholesalers and is obliged to report on businesses, which are not following proper procedures in dealing with waste.

Local authorities can prosecute tyre retailers that supply their tyre waste to unlicensed waste collectors. An increased number of enforcement procedures have been initiated since the beginning of the year.

Fiacra Quinn, Director of TRACS said: “Reputable tyre retailers who are aligned with TRACS will have nothing to worry about. Businesses can make sure that their waste is being properly handled by asking for a Recovery Certificate.”

TRACS, the Tyre Recovery Activity Compliance Scheme, is approved by the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.

TRACS, says it is fully committed to encouraging all those involved in the tyre supply chain to prioritise best practice in proper waste management, monitoring and assessment.

More information including a full list of TRACS’ authorised and permitted waste collectors is available from  or by calling Pat Kierans at TRACS on 01 410 0601.