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TRACS launches 2013 annual report

The 2013 TRACS annual report shows that membership of TRACS has increased dramatically since 2011, growing from 204 members to a current total of 511 members.

This represents a 150 per cent increase in two years and breaks down into retailers (416), importers (69) and collectors (26), some of whom have multiple sites as part of their business.  The total number of sites registered with TRACS has also more than doubled from 300 to 680, an increase of 127 per cent, according to TRACS.

The report states that approximately 3 million tyres were imported into Ireland for supply in 2012, mostly car tyres.  TRACS says it accounted for three in every four tyres imported. Furthermore, the report states that TRACS also accounted for nine in every 10 waste tyres collected and treated either in this country or abroad.

Retail members account for about 59 per cent of tyres directly fitted onto vehicles, a lower proportion given the increasingly fluid and fragmented market place:  this is because there are more, and smaller, retailers fitting a varied of new and part-worn tyres.