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Toyo Tires confirmed as BRSCC Porsche Championship sponsor

Toyo Tire has been confirmed as the title sponsor of the BRSCC Porsche Championship for the year ahead.

The move sees the Toyo R888 used as control tyre for all competitors. The Toyo Tires BRSCC Porsche Championship has been a hit with both crowds and drivers right from the off and sees Boxsters and classic 924s battling for supremacy on the UK’s finest circuits. Preparation and driver skill levels are high, making for some seriously close racing and fantastic on-track battles. With costs kept sensible and emphasis placed on driver ability and prepping talents, the series has seen many stars rise through its ranks.

The TOYO R888 has itself become one of the true stalwarts of UK club motorsport. Found as control tyre in dozens of championships and series, its unique blend of varied fitments, high performance and affordable cost make it a real favourite with both drivers and championship co-ordinators. Despite its ultra-grippy ‘semi slick’ design, the R888 copes exceptionally well in the wet, and with full ‘E’ marking and road legality can even be left on to drive to and from the circuit, if required.

The first round of the championship will be at Rockingham circuit on the 6th/7th April 2013.