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The story of a tyre from new to recycled waste

Circol ELT’s approach to sustainability starts before a tyre becomes a waste, by addressing the often overlooked benefits of tyre maintenance and actively promoting the benefits of proper tyre care.

A recent national radio campaign which aired across 26 stations over two weeks in June, reminded motorists to get tyres checked. The campaign highlighted that properly maintained tyres perform better, last longer, reduce fuel consumption and related CO2 emissions.

Circol ELT has produced an animation to tell the story of tyres (see QR code). Following the journey of a tyre throughout its life from the time they are first placed onto the Irish Market, until they are environmentally managed at end of life.

The story highlights the collective responsibility and collaboration taken by the tyre scheme members, the authorised collectors and Circol ELT. Working together, all participants in the scheme make sure waste tyres in Ireland are monitored and managed in a sustainable manner.

The animation could help you tell your customers about how your business is taking care of their waste tyres. Along with the full animation, shorter sections are available for members to use on their own digital marketing channels.

Circol ELT presented its annual report at its AGM on 25th June. The full 2022 report can be found on the company’s website.

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