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The Michelin Power experience

Dealers can tap into strong demand from some of the most discerning and knowledgeable consumers in the market with the all-new Michelin Power family.

The Michelin Power 5, the Michelin Power GP, the Michelin Power Cup 2 and the Michelin Slick 2 are aimed at sporty riders looking for maximum enjoyment through maximum performance.

The Michelin Power 5 is perfect for sports motorcycle owners who ride intensively on roads. It combines our innovative twin-compound technology (2CT and 2CT+), wheat ear grooves and golf ball texture on the shoulder to deliver exceptional durability, grip and handling – even in the wet.

Customers who also occasionally use their sports bike on the track will love the Michelin Power GP. Michelin 2CT and 2CT+, combined with a silica-rich compound and slick zones on the shoulder, allow superior performance on the circuit as well as the street.

The Michelin Power Cup 2 is road legal but track-focused, with architecture, compound and tread pattern allowing riders to push the boundaries of speed and handling – lap after lap.

If customers are looking for truly exceptional speed and handling on the circuit, the track-only Michelin Power Slick 2 is for them. Moto GP-derived tyre design and compound combine in a tyre that can transform the track-day experience.

Sports riders are not only concerned with performance – style can also be important to them. And all four new Power tyres feature our eye-catching Premium Touch detailing to make them as desirable on the eye as they are on the road and the track.

From one of the most trusted brands in the world, with a rich motorsport heritage and a reputation for cutting-edge innovation, the new Michelin Power line-up allows dealers to build long-term relationships with passionate customers who demand superb performance.