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Techplus raises the bar with Rotary

The Rotary range of vehicle lifts are represented in Ireland by garage equipment specialists, Techplus.

Rotary Lift is a world leader in hydraulic lifts. For more than 90 years Rotary Lift has been a recognised leader in vehicle lifts, raising the bar (one might say) for hydraulic vehicle lifting equipment.

This legendary brand has set the standard for excellence, toughness, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service and aftermarket for close on a century.

Nowadays, Rotatry is renowned for its range of 4-Post, 2-Post and Scissors lifts, which are popular sellers at Techplus.

The SM65-55 backbones the Rotary range, with its electro-hydraulic operation, 6.5 tonne lifting capacity 4 post air latching.

The lift comes with moveable lift platforms, optional wheel alignment and a low drive on height.

All 4-post lifts are equipped with a pneumatically lockable lowering device, while wide tracks allow safe and comfortable driving on from small cars to vans or SUVs without having to change the track width of the track.

The cold-formed running surface profile offers high rigidity while rails integrated in the running surface allow all commercially available beaming jacks to be accommodated.

A wheel alignment kit (AK) with sliding plates is available especially for precise wheel alignment activities. Integrated recesses in the drive-on surface allow all standard rotary tables to be fitted. If no rotary plate is used, the recesses can be closed completely with the included filling parts.

Rotary’s SPOA40NB model is a popular seller. This 2-Post lift has a 4.5 tonne lifting capacity and narrow setting ideal for workshops with narrow bays.

The SPO 40 M has extra overhead beam height compared with the standard SPOA40NB model.

All Rotary 2-Post lifts use a direct, twin ram lifting system which means that there are no ropes, chains or pulleys under load and very few moving parts.

Clever column design ensures that the posts are extremely strong whilst their baseless configuration reduces trip hazards and allows free movement of other equipment or toolboxes under the vehicle.

Three stage arms are now used on all models to provide extra flexibility in reaching vehicle jacking points. Rotary’s two post lifts are legendary for their extremely long life and very low cost of ownership.

Scissors Lift
The low-profile double scissor lift DS35 was especially designed for the servicing area. The surface-mounted construction and the foundation-free design allow flexible selection of the location.

The built-in emergency lowering device enables lowering in case of emergencies. Operation is carried out at a safe distance, from the control console.

The fully hydraulic system with integrated self-bleeding ensures reliable functionality even in dirty environments. The standard CE stop ensures foot protection without a foot deflector. This also makes in-ground installation possible.

The low clearance height of the lift allows vehicles to be supported with little ground clearance. All hydraulic cylinders are screwable. This increases the ease of maintenance.

For more information on the Rotary range contact Techplus on 01 404 9060.