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Technology that’s ahead of the field at Philip White Tyres

Philip White Tyres Ltd has been a main supplier of Continental Tyres for many years. “We believe in supplying our customers with only the very best that the tyre market has to offer,” Neil McGleenan, Commercial Manager at Philip White Tyres confirmed.

“Continental are one of the very best premium tyre brands on the market, the range of agricultural tyres are engineered for efficiency. This enhances the performance of vehicles and improves the quality of their work while reducing the resources used to get the work done,” Liam White, Philip White Tyres, Wholesale Manager added.

Continental’s latest agricultural tyre is developed with new lugs that firmly grip the ground beneath the tyre to keep driving the tractor forward without slipping. The lug surface is five per cent bigger than other standard tyres resulting in higher traction, better mileage, minimalised cracks, comfortable drive and less vibration.

“Expect durability and higher mileage from Continental’s new D.Fine lug technology,” Liam elaborated.

For exclusive offers and price enquires give the Philip White Tyres team a call on 028 375 25 94 6 (NI) or 08 375 25 94 6 (ROI) or visit