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Survey finds EV owners want specialist tyres

A survey commissioned by Apollo Tyres has found that a significant majority of electric vehicle owners in Europe would prefer to purchase replacement tyres that have been developed specifically for use on an EV.

In a poll of 6,000 motorists commissioned by Apollo Tyres, 75 per cent of EV drivers said they would prefer EV-specific replacement tyres, compared to just four per cent who say they would be unlikely to do so.

The survey also found that younger EV drivers are the group most likely to purchase a specialist replacement tyre.

The majority (81%) of those aged 25 to 34 say they are either “very likely” or “somewhat likely” to purchase a tyre specifically designed for EVs, compared to 61 per cent of those aged 45 to 54.

When replacing the tyres for an EV, men are most likely to select an EV-specific product, with 36 per cent saying they would be “very likely” to do so, compared to 30 per cent of female EV drivers, according to the survey.

When asked about factors that would motivate them to choose a certain type of replacement tyre, 41 per cent of EV drivers cite “high traction and grip in all weathers”, while 36 per cent would favour a product “recommended by the car manufacturer”.

When choosing tyres in the future, 60 per cent of EV owners say they would be prepared to pay more for those products specifically developed for use on an EV.

Last year, Apollo Tyres launched the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV, Europe’s first all-season tyre developed specifically for battery electric vehicles and hybrids.

The product has been designed to manage the increased torque and weight associated with modern EVs, delivering superior handling and stability, low levels of rolling resistance and high standards of durability.

The Quatrac Pro EV also features a tread design that offers a 1dB reduction in road noise over the equivalent non-EV Vredestein all-season tyre, thanks to its AI-optimised sequencing of tread pitches.

Yves Pouliquen, group head of sales and marketing at Apollo Tyres, said: “As Europe continues its shift towards electrified transport, consumers are becoming better aware of products that can offer significant benefits for their EVs.

“This has been confirmed by early demand for the Quatrac Pro EV, as well as by these survey findings, and we will continue to invest in EV-specific innovations as the sector grows.”