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SRI tests TPMS solution for Level 4 automated vehicles

Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI), manufacturer of the Falken tyre brand, has created a system designed to support Level 4 autonomous vehicles by monitoring tyre pressure data and responding to signs of tyre trouble requiring maintenance.

Working on the system with Gunma University in Japan since 2019, SRI recently conducted a successful proof-of-concept test of this new system on a public road in the city of Gifu.

It says the test represents a major step in its ongoing joint research with the Center for Research on Adoption of NextGen Transportation Systems (CRANTS) at Gunma University.

SRI adds that it hopes this new system will contribute to greater safety for autonomous vehicles by facilitating preventive maintenance to preempt potential tyre trouble, while also ensuring a more rapid response to punctures and other types of tyre trouble should it occurs.