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Second gen Firestone Multiseason launched

Firestone has launched its new all-season touring tyre, the second generation of the Multiseason.

This new tyre is the latest addition to Firestone’s portfolio, designed to accommodate all types of cars and drivers.

The pattern design and surface-contact area have been optimised to allow maximum water evacuation in the wet and offer a balanced level of tyre stiffness in the dry. This was achieved through extensive simulation modelling that was then validated in the field. The efforts have been rewarded, with braking, in both wet and dry conditions, showing marked improvements.

The tyre has achieved the EU label grade B for wet grip, and also qualifies for snow performance as certified by the 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking, making it compliant with all winter legislations in Europe.

Laurent Dartoux, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer at Bridgestone EMEA said: “We wanted to offer peace of mind to all drivers with the new generation of Multiseason.

“The roads might be dry when they leave home, wet by the time they arrive at work, and snowy when they drive home. But with the second generation of Multiseason, drivers will stay safe and feel in control all year-round regardless the weather conditions may be.”

Developed and manufactured in Europe, the new generation of Firestone Multiseason will be released in selected sizes in June 2019, with additional sizes being made available in January 2020.

With 50 different sizes ranging from 13-18 inch, the new generation of Multiseason will cover 90 per cent of the market demand as well as 70 per cent in high rim sizes of 17 inch and above to accommodate most passenger cars and on road SUVs.