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Pirelli has a grip on winter

When the time comes to shift to full-on winter tyres, the Pirelli portfolio has drivers covered with a range of product options: the new P Zero Winter, the Winter Sottozero 3, the Cinturato Winter and the Scorpion Winter tyres.

The P Zero Winter, as part of the world-renowned P Zero product family, has of course been designed with the core values of high performance and co-development with the vehicle manufacturers being at the heart of the product.

The P Zero Winter offers drivers the perfect mixture of traction, braking and overall performance in both wet and dry road conditions during the winter. The construction of the tyre itself focuses on the internal shoulder with multi-directional grooves that maximise performance in snow, giving the car more stability and assurance under braking as well as less sliding and wheelspin during acceleration.

The Winter Sottozero 3 also follows Pirelli’s perfect t philosophy, with dedicated fitments for leading premium car manufactures ranging from Audi, BMW and Jaguar to prestige manufacturers such as Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche. This winter tyre offers maximum safety, control and performance in winter conditions through a new compound and through a new sipes design.

The Cinturato Winter is another of the seasonal options, which is primarily intended for owners of medium sized cars that are covering high mileage, even during the winter months. Whilst the Scorpion Winter offers the perfect winter tyre solution for SUVs.

It may still be some time yet before drivers feel the need for winter tyres, but the advantages of stocking the right equipment ahead of the wintery conditions setting in is priceless.

Tyres for All Year Round
Pirelli’s All Season tyres are designed for those who do not want to change their vehicle’s tyres every summer or winter, but still require tyres that offer a balanced response in all weather conditions. You’ll find Pirelli All Season products available for drivers of a variety of cars, SUVs, crossovers and vans.

Designed mainly for car drivers living in urban areas searching for an innovative and alternative mobility solution, the Cinturato All Season Plus brings together all the latest Pirelli premium technologies including Seal-InsideTM. It also has a new tread pattern compound improving performance further in both winter and summer conditions.

This product features the 3PMSF (three-peak mountain snow flake) marking, which signifies its capability to be used all-year round in countries that have specific tyre legislation in winter months.

More and more people are driving SUVs these days. This Scorpion family of Pirelli products offer innovative technological All Season tyres dedicated to SUVs and crossover vehicles. The Scorpion Zero All Season is the perfect choice for sporty SUVs. The Scorpion Verde All Season is Pirelli’s green performance Crossover and SUV tyre. The Scorpion All Terrain Plus is designed to deliver high off-road performance even on difficult surfaces, while the Scorpion ATR ATR Tenaciousis reliable and at the same time provides comfort, excellent traction and resistance to wear.

The latest Pirelli All Season tyre for these vehicles is the ScorpionTM Verde All Season SF. This product features the 3PMSF marking signifying its capability to be used all-year round. The Scorpion Verde All Season SF stands alongside the existing Scorpion Verde All Season.

It is ideal for use in urban conditions, in weather that is not too extreme, but its large contact patch, and longitudinal grooves make it a high-performance all-season tyre.

Carrier All Season
This tyre has been developed and engineered for commercial vehicles; this tyre is the right choice for drivers seeking excellent handling, high mileage, good rolling resistance and great performance in all weather conditions. This tyre reaches class-leading position in terms of safety on wet road and features the 3PMSF marking.