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Rotalla launches two new winter patterns

Enjoy Tyre offers an extensive collection of winter tyre patterns for the coming 2019/2020 season in Ireland including two new pattterns in its Rotalla range – the S130 and VS450, which are exclusively distributed in Ireland by Daly Tyres.

The S130 high performance tyre replaces the existing S110 and incorporates a number of innovative features and benefits including a single direction pattern design and transverse drainage grooves that ensure outstanding traction and braking performance on snow and slippery wet roads. At the same time the tyre’s longitudinal semi-deep drainage grooves guarantee an effective connection between each tread blocks leading to improved cornering capabilities.

The tyre incorporates a unique design of high density 3D sipes which also improve grip on snow filled roads.

The Rotalla VS450 van pattern includes two straight and one half serrated tooth main grooves for exceptional grip in wet conditions and effective drainage and also excellent all road drive performance in snowy weather. Finally tyre noise has been significantly reduced through the combination of five different types of tread blocks whilst the design of new bridge shoulder blocks have further enhanced the grounding area as well as braking on wet roads and traction in ice and snow.

The S130 is currently available in an extensive selection of sizes from 13 up to 16 inches and the VS450 in sizes from 14 to 16 inches and both patterns present impressive tyre labelling of B & C ratings. Additional Rotalla winter tyre patterns include the Rotalla S220, SR1 and S210 which can all be viewed on the Enjoy Tyre website –

For further information on the all new Rotalla S130 and VS450 winter patterns contact Daly Tyres on 64899.