Goodyear140513   Dunlop140513   goodyearfarm  Bridgestone  rema_tiptop  teamsys_an   dalytyres17 welcomes fall in monthly unemployment figures, Ireland’s specialist recruitment website welcomes the latest monthly unemployment statistics from the Central Statistics Office, which shows that the official unemployment rate has fallen from 8.8 per cent in February to 8.6 per cent in March.


However, delve a little deeper in to the CSO figures and you will find that in March this year, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 10.2 per cent for males. This was down from 10.4 per cent in February 2016 and down from 11.2 per cent in March 2015.

Unfortunately, at 187,700, there are still far too many people unemployed, and progress must continue to create jobs and reduced unemployment, despite the fact that it does become more difficult to make the conversion.

Most worrying is unemployment among young people. Despite falling by a full percentage point in the month of March, unemployment among people aged between 15-24 is still very high at 19 per cent or 34,400  (21,100 males and 13,400 females).

When the two big political parties finish playing public perception games and get around to forming a government, they need to prioritise tackling youth and longterm unemployment. They further need to incentivise small and medium sized businesses to take on the young and longterm unemployed, with better options than the often abused intern scheme, that can also mislead employment numbers.