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Ready for all seasons with Continental

Continental offers a range of award-winning all-season and winter tyres, for confidence when driving in all weather conditions.


Continental’s award-winning AllSeasonContact™ uses elements of Continental’s premium summer and winter tyres, making it ideally suited for use by motorists all year round in the UK.

The focus during development of the AllSeasonContact™ was firmly on good winter-driving characteristics, safe handling in all weather conditions and excellent fuel efficiency. For winter use, Continental’s chemists have developed a silica compound for good grip on wet, wintry and snow-covered roads. At the same time, the open tyre shoulders ensure good aquaplaning characteristics. The rigid pattern of the tread surface, with its low number of sipes, ensures precision handling and short braking distances on dry roads. These are characteristics more typical of summer tyres, which also need to deliver high levels of safety in the wet.

In 2021 the AllSeasonContact™ was awarded ‘Best All-Season Tyre’ in the Auto Express Product Awards 2021. This success follows on from a win in the Auto Express All-Season tyre test in 2020.

The AllSeasonContact™ is available for rims from 14 to 20 inches and approved for speeds of up to 186 mph, corresponding to the speed index “Y”. The tyre also carries both the snowflake/alpine symbol and the M+S marking.

Continental WinterContact™ TS 860

For motorists wanting the maximum in safety and mobility and who opt to fit specialist winter tyres during the colder winter months, Continental’s award-winning WinterContact™ TS 860 is an excellent choice.

The WinterContact™ TS 860 features improved braking distances, snow handling, grip on snow and ride quality. These advances were made possible by combining an innovative tread compound with a specially developed tread design.

This tread compound is called Cool ChiliTM and features a high proportion of silica that reduces braking distances on wet roads due to its special damping characteristics. The highly flexible polymer matrix brings a noticeable improvement in traction properties on all wintry road surfaces, providing extra grip. Liquid Layer Drainage technology enables effective braking, even on icy roads, by incorporating an additional drainage channel moulded into the tread block which allows the water to drain away faster, effectively cutting braking distances on icy roads.

The WinterContact TS 860 is available for rims from 13-17 inches. The tyres are approved for speeds up to 149 mph, corresponding to the speed index “V”. The WinterContact™ TS 860 features both the snowflake/alpine symbol and the M+S marking.

The WinterContact™ TS 870

The new WinterContact™ TS 870 is the latest tyres to join the successful WinterContact range. As successor to the WinterContact™ TS 860, the tyre offers improved performance in winter and wet-weather conditions.

The new WinterContact™ TS 870 combines outstanding winter performance with excellent wet-weather properties, whilst also presenting compelling environmental credentials – such as a further reduction in rolling resistance and an increase in mileage. That said, the WinterContact™ TS 870 is an all-new product, newly developed from the ground up in terms of its construction, tread pattern design and compound. The outcome is a model that, in a direct comparison, delivers three percent shorter braking distances on ice, five percent better handling on snow and a ten percent increase in mileage.

To further reduce braking distances on slippery winter roads, Continental has increased the number of tread blocks in the contact patch of the WinterContact TS 870 by as much as ten percent. The edges and sipes in these blocks act like windshield wipers, dispersing snowmelt fast and ensuring good grip on icy surfaces.

The product range initially comprises of sizes for 14 to 17-inch rims – some with a rim protection rib and/or XL marking indicating higher load-carrying capacity. Next year, Continental will be adding further sizes to the range. These tyres are approved for speeds of up to 149mph.