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Quartet of UHP run-flat tyres added to Starmaxx portfolio

Turkish tyre manufacturer, Starmaxx has introduced four new run-flat sizes for its ultra-high performance pattern, ST760. Specifically designed for ultimate performance, ST760 offers an excellent combination of performance and safety.

A significant number of sizes among the vast range of ST760 pattern have run-flat feature, which means that these tyres have the capability to resist the effects of deflation even when punctured. With the help of their reinforced sidewalls, run-flat tyres can continue supporting the vehicle’s movement even when the pressure is lost.

Starmaxx claims its run-flat tyres are capable of reaching a distance up to 200km without having any integrity problems. In addition to its advantages of easing the mind of the drivers while driving in remote routes and helping them keep moving to get back home or a tyre repair service, run-flat technology also dramatically improves driving safety by avoiding loss of steering control in case of a sudden loss of pressure.

With the introduction of four new sizes (245/40R 20 Reinforced, 285/35R 18, 285/35R 19 and 225/35R 20 Reinforced), the number of run-flat sizes of ST760 pattern has reached up to 33.

Starmaxx first introduced its first run-flat tyre over four years ago.