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Prinx makes European debut in Milan

I travelled to Milan in Italy earlier this week to get to grips with Prinx, the new flagship brand of Chinese tyre manufacturer Prinx Chengshan, which has just launched into the European market.

Prinx launches in Europe (Photo: Eoin Cuttle/Tyre Trade Journal)

During the event at the La Pista racetrack, located on the former Alfa Romeo grounds, was given the opportunity to test two Prinx passenger car tyres fitted to a Tesla Model 3 and a Mercedes-AMG GLE; the Xnex Sport EV UHP tyre designed for electric vehicles, and the Quattura 4S all-season tyre.

The Xnex Sport EV (Photo: Eoin Cuttle/Tyre Trade Journal)

Senior representatives from Prinx also provided guests with insights into the strategy of the brand and its market ambitions.

Look out for full coverage from the event in next month’s edition of the Tyre Trade Journal.