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Successful test of Austone all-season 401 tyres in Europe

Prinx Chengshan, manufacturers of the Austone range of tyres, which are distributed in Ireland by Euro Tyre Sales, has successfully concluded the first European independent tests for the all-season 401 tyres for passenger cars.

The tests were conducted earlier this year on tracks in Ivalo, Finland and Idiada, Spain, and provided a complete benchmark and analysis of the line’s performances.

The all-season tyres were tested on a VW Golf VII 1.4 TSi against the Continental all-season Contact and Maxxis Premitra AP3.

The final results confirmed positive feedback with great results towards the reference brands used during the tests.

“Currently, the products are distributed in Europe through our select network of exclusive partners, under the brands Austone, Fortune and Chengshan; the 401 tyres are designed to provide optimal performance all year round, in any weather conditions, performing at their best with a competitive price positioning among the top Chinese manufacturers,” said Thomas Wohlgemuth, the brands’ MD for Europe

Company plans include a new product line dedicated to commercial vehicles, as well as a comprehensive extension of the current passenger and SUV product lines, following the trends and increasing demands from Europe.

The brand’s all-season range has an optimised V-Shape pattern, using separate zones for summer and winter conditions, which delivers optimal safety and comfort in all weather conditions, improving handling characteristics that are ideal for driving in summer conditions on dry and wet roads.

The directional tread pattern with wide grooves, improves water and slush exclusion, reducing the risk of aquaplaning, with excellent handling on wet roads.

Using 3D sipes technology reduces the high-frequency noise as well as providing perfect grip and high dispersal power in winter conditions.

The whole range is 3PMS certified, for performant mobility in winter road conditions.

The All-Season range has a line-up of 40 SKUs currently and was launched back in October 2018, with sizes ranging from 13 to 21 inches.