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Portimao pedigree puts Davanti’s UHP tyres in high regard

Thanks to the evolution of cars and SUVs, ultra high performance tyres are no longer reserved for supercars and sports cars. Outside of compact city cars, increasingly family saloons and urban SUVs come with 17 inch+ wheel sizes as standard, putting them firmly in the category of UHP tyres.

Davanti’s DX640 tyre is available in 120 sizes from 16-22 inch including some run-flat sizes, the DX640 was designed from the ground up to deliver outstanding grip, braking and control.

The Portimao circuit in Portugal, the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, has been the DX640’s trashing ground for the last three years as the official tyre of the track’s racing school. Fitted to vehicles including the Porsche 911 GT3 and Mercedes AMG E63 S, they have been thrashed around the track daily right at the limit of any road tyre’s expected performance.

The endorsement of the circuit’s professional race drivers underlines the DX640s capability at the ragged edge – but this track pedigree remains great value.

“We have done as we always do, we have tried to make the best tyre we can possibly make,” said Davanti General Manager Peter Cross.

“Tyres are a key safety feature and we believe that should be within reach for any motorist. That’s why we work with our dealers to ensure the DX640, just like the rest of the Davanti range, offers market leading value by giving premium performance without the premium price tag.”