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Pitzone to distribute new Beissbarth Q.Lign wheel aligner

Pitzone is set to distribute the new Beissbarth Q.Lign, which it says is the world’s first web-based wheel alignment system. It will be available early 2021.

The completely new hardware and software architecture puts speed and connectivity at the very front of the alignment process. Image and data processing moves from the classic Windows-PC into the compact sensor heads, ultimately replacing the complete trolley.

Measurement values can be directly streamed to any browser-based device such as TVs, tablets, smartphones or even the classic PC (Stream-to-X).

The powerful Li-Ion batteries provide the system full mobility and allow for an easy installation on any alignment lift or pit. With the increasing interdependency between complex chassis, intelligent headlight systems and built-in camera and radar sensors, Beissbarth continues to follow the system approach to ensure permanently free space in front of the alignment bay for headlight adjustments and ADAS calibration.

Part of Q.Lign is also the newly released Q.Grip, which Beissbarth claims is the quickest way to attach target boards to the wheel, without any contact to the rim. The smart gripping system allows to adjust between different wheel sizes in less than a second and ensures a safe hold during the complete alignment process for accurate results.

Beissbarth says the target concept has been completely redesigned in Q.Lign. Target can be added to an aligner system by scanning the QR code on the back. The auto identification function then allows the system to recognise the saved target boards to automatically pull the correct calibration data for the measurements. This allows the use of any target on any wheel and eliminates potential clamping errors.

The Stream-to-X technology allows workshops to fully customize their system to their workshop setup.

To enquire about the Q.Lign, contact Pitzone on 01 459 6069.