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Pirelli UHP tyres OE on Porsche Macan

Pirelli’s Ultra High Performance tyres have been made to measure for the latest Porsche Macan, with original equipment homologations for the P Zero, Scorpion Verde and the Scorpion Verde All Season.


Porsche’s compact SUV sports car can rely on Pirelli’s renowned technology to deliver optimal performance in all conditions.

Michael Wendt, managing director of Pirelli Germany’s technical department, commented: “These versions of the P Zero, Scorpion Verde and Scorpion Verde All Season are tailor-made products, precisely engineered to the characteristics, driving dynamics and electronic features of the latest Porsche Macan. In order to distinguish them, these tyres have a dedicated ‘N0’ marking on the sidewall, which denotes tyres that have been specifically created for Porsche.”

Pirelli has obtained the following homologations for the Ultra High Performance Pirelli P Zero summer tyre on the latest Porsche Macan (codenamed PO-416):
• 22058 – 265/40R21 101Y (front axle)
• 22057 – 295/35R21 103Y (rear axle)
• 22060 – 265/45R20 104Y (front axle)
• 22059 – 295/40R20 106Y (rear axle)

As well as obtaining homologations for the Pirelli Scorpion Verde summer tyre in the following sizes:
• 22054 – 235/55R19 101Y (front axle)
• 22053 – 255/50R19 103Y (rear axle)
• 24943 – 235/60R18 103W (front axle)
• 24942 – 255/55R18 105W (rear axle)

The Scorpion Verde All Season tyre has also been homologated for the Porsche Macan in the following dimensions:
• 22048 – 265/45R20 104V (front axle)
• 22047 – 295/40R20 106V (rear axle)
• 22050 – 235/55R19 101V (front axle)
• 22049 – 255/50R19 103V (rear axle)
• 22052 – 235/60R18 103V (front axle)
• 22051 – 255/55R18 105V (rear axle)

Up to now, there have been more than 180 Pirelli homologations for different models within the Porsche range: Panamera, 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne and Macan.

This increasing number of homologations underlines the Italian firm’s status as a leading supplier of original equipment tyres for the premium and prestige segments. In 2014 Pirelli increased the number of its homologations by six per cent worldwide. In total, Pirelli was granted 266 new original equipment homologations, 213 of which were in the premium or prestige segments.