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Pirelli OE on Volkswagen Golf VII

Pirelli has been confirmed as an Original Equipment Supplier on the new Golf VII, underlining the Italian firm’s technical partnership with Volkswagen.

Pirelli’s Cinturato P7 tyre, developed for cars with medium sized engines, has been named as original equipment for the latest model to emerge from Wolfsburg, in 225/45R17 91W size.

The new Golf – the undisputed Queen of the 2012 Paris Motor Show – is even more environmentally friendly than the preceding model thanks to a considerable weight reduction. This makes it a perfect match for a tyre that prioritises respect for the environment: the Cinturato P7, which in a short space of time has become the market leader in its sector and won several important international tyre tests. In particular, the Cinturato P7 guarantees low environmental impact through the use of special nanofillers and polymers that make it lighter than any of its rivals.

Furthermore, Cinturato P7 cuts rolling resistance down by 20%, ensuring a reduction in CO2 emissions and lower fuel consumption by 4.2%. The asymmetric tread pattern, which offers maximum safety even in the wet and through corners, lowers noise levels by 30% compared to other tyres. The unique design concept also ensures that the Cinturato P7’s tread wears evenly across the entire surface of the tyre, ensuring consistent performance throughout its entire life.

Having been conceived as original equipment, the Cinturato P7 was joined a few months ago by the Cinturato P7 Blue, which is destined for the aftermarket. The new Blue was created by Pirelli’s engineers with the aim of improving safety still further and enhancing the environmental credentials of the Cinturato P7. The Blue maintains all the advantages of the P7 when it comes to reliability and durability but improves wet braking and rolling resistance.

This latest evolution of the Cinturato range has been made necessary by the increasing demand for increasingly safer products from everyday motorists. The Blue is exclusively destined for the aftermarket, as opposed to the Cinturato P7, which is also used as original equipment. In just a few years, the Cinturato P7 has become a benchmark for the world’s most prestigious makers of sports cars, hatchbacks, coupés and saloons with medium to large engine capacity.