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Pirelli launches an “AA” tyre for trucks

Pirelli is launching the new ST:01 Neverending Energy range of truck tyres onto the European market. Having been developed specifically for trailers and semi-trailers, ST:01 Neverending Energy is the first Pirelli tyre to score an ‘AA’ rating from the new European tyre label for rolling resistance and wet grip.

At Pirelli’s research facility in Milan, engineers constantly test and develop new technology, which goes into creating innovative tread pattern designs, primary materials and eco-friendly protocols that improve road safety. These efforts translate into reduced wet braking distances, even on heavy goods vehicles. But there is much more to it, as with all the latest-generation Pirelli products, ST:01 Neverending Energy also improves fuel efficiency.

The advantages for a fleet are numerous, as in a vehicle composed of a tractor and trailer unit, the tyres on the trailer unit generate 50% of the rolling resistance of all the tyres put together.

The ST:01 Neverending Energy range combines safety with energy efficiency (producing lower emissions) while maintaining the long life and durability that a truck tyre needs.

The benefits of the ST:01 Neverending Energy tyre are possible thanks to:

-An innovative tread pattern design (patent pending)
-A dual compound tread with high silicone content (patent pending) that reduces heat build up and therefore rolling resistance, as well as guaranteeing greater resistance to cuts and a longer tyre life
-The profile and geometry of the sidewalls and tyre bead, which are also brand new

By the end of 2012, the first size in the new ST:01 Neverending Energy range (385/65 R 22.5) will go on sale in Europe. In January 2013 it will be joined by the 385/55 R 22.5.

Pirelli would like to emphasise that the classifications awarded by the European tyre label, and consequent performance benefits, are made in relation to correctly maintained tyres: particularly at the right pressure.

Pirelli’s researchers do not limit themselves to the development of innovative high performance tyres either, but also create cutting-edge systems that help fleets to get the most out of them. One of the latest innovations is the CyberTM Fleet system, which monitors tyre pressures in real time.