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Pirelli helps customers to reduce tyre-related breakdowns

Pirelli has helped one of its suppliers halve the number of tyre-related breakdowns across its fleet of 84 trucks and 135 trailers.

West-Yorkshire based Bedfords Transport swapped to use Pirelli new and remould tyres at the end of December 2011 and during the first seven months of the contract, the company recorded an average of just 3.4 roadside tyre failures per month.

Prior to appointing Pirelli, Bedfords Transport tendered the contract and evaluated options from a number of different tyre manufacturers and service providers. It elected to reappoint ATS Euromaster, building on a relationship between the two companies established more than a decade ago. At the same time Bedfords Transport opted for Pirelli’s new and remould tyres.

The revised contract ensures that all elements of tyre servicing are conducted by ATS Euromaster, including routine tyre fitting, pressure monitoring, twinning and turning tyres on the rim.

Vehicles in the Bedfords Transport Fleet operate nationwide, with some tractor units double-shifted and covering more than 140,000 km a year. Established in 1927, the company offers a full spectrum of services from contract distribution to pallet delivery; fulfillment to warehousing.