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Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV launched

Pirelli has launched the fourth generation of the Diablo Rosso family with Diablo Rosso IV, a new high-performance tyre for supersports, hypernaked and crossover motorbikes.

The Diablo Rosso IV is now available in a range of five front wheel and 10 rear sizes.

Since its introduction into the market in 2002, the Diablo brand brings with it more than 18 years of experience, technology and victories in the most prestigious national and international competitions and represents Pirelli’s excellence in the world of high-performance tyres dedicated to two-wheeled vehicles.

Since 2008, the year of introduction of the first Diablo Rosso, more than five million units have been sold, Pirelli says, highlighting the product’s quality.

Construction of the Diablo Rosso IV is a zero-bias steel belt design, with a 20 per cent less dense rayon core in the front tyre, increasing rigidity while improving ride feel and precision due to more room given for the rubber compound.

The rear tyre features a three-stranded Lyocell structure, developed from Pirelli’s experience in World Superbike Championship (WSBK), with lower deformation and greater resistance to cornering stress and hard acceleration.

For Diablo Rosso IV rear tyres below 190/50-17 in size, carcass construction uses rayon, in a design like the front tyre that gives more room for the rubber and improving feedback to the rider. Tyre profiles have a multi-radius design with a sharper profile in the centre for quick changes of direction and a smoother curve at the edges for increased contact area and traction.

Compound composition uses a harder full silica content in the centre of the Diablo Rosso IV front tyre, comprising about half the tyre width. The sides are of a softer compound, also with a high silica content, to promote faster warm up and consistent grip when cold.

Rear tyre construction for the Diablo Rosso IV comes in two versions, depending on tyre size. For 190/50-17 and below, the tyre is made out of two compounds in a cap and base arrangement, with hardest compound in the middle and softer at the side with quick warm up and race track level grip.

The larger profile Diablo Rosso IV rear tyre, 190/55-17 and above, uses three compounds divided into five distinct areas. A high silica centre compound gives high-speed stability, wear uniformity and mileage with a quick warm up and traction on wet surfaces.

In the middle, an intermediate compound covers normal cornering angles with a full silica composition. At the shoulders, the compound is 100 per cent carbon black and comes from the Supercorsa SC tyres used in endurance racing.